How do I take care of my suitcase?

Maintenance of the outer shell:

For hard shell suitcases, use thinned down cleaning agents or a polish to clean the outer shell, because the suitcase’s surface has been treated with a general waterproof treatment. Additionally, possible black streak from the rubber abrasion of the luggage conveyor belt can be removed with customary cleaning supplies.

Caution: Do not use strong detergents, because they could lead to stains and discolouring on the polycarbonate shell.

To clean your soft-shell suitcases, you should use a mild soapy water. But please note that the surface should not get too much moisture, because this could affect the fabric. Dry smudges can be easily brushed off. For stubborn stains, use customary cushion foam cleaners.

Please do not place your suitcase near high temperature heat sources to avoid discolour of the exterior material.


Silicone spray is suitable to free the wheels from persistent grime.

Maintenance of the internal space:

Moist towels or dirty laundry should be removed from the suitcase immediately after the trip, otherwise unpleasant odours could arise.

You can remove dirt such as dust, hair, lint, crumbs or sand with a vacuum cleaner.

Stubborn stains in the interior can be removed with a damp cloth and some detergent or with a special suitcase cleaner.

Caution: Make sure the suitcase is completely dry before closing it!