What should I pay attention to when using a suitcase?

On uneven ground, please place the suitcase on its side or its bottom to avoid it tipping over.

If you don’t have an Eminent rolling suitcase with incorporated locking brakes for the wheel system, don’t leave your suitcase on inclines, so that it cannot roll away.

When walking on stairs, do not use the handle of the telescopic rod, but the main or side handle.

Do not carry liquid items or breakables in your suitcase.

If you carry things that could spill in your suitcase, wrap them up in well-sealed plastic bags.

Put heavy objects at the bottom, where the wheels are. That way, you can move your suitcase more easily and relieve your arms when pulling.

Please do not carry cash or valuables in your suitcase, because even high-quality locks cannot protect from theft!