Cabin Trolley (IATA) e-one - KH42

The trolleys of the E-ONE series are ideal travel assistants thanks to their smart gadgets. A modern, elegant design underlines the innovative, high-tech additional functions hidden beneath the robust polycarbonate shell. An integrated digital scale is also on board, helping you keep an overview of the total weight of your luggage while packing. Behind a lockable flap, you will find two USB ports with which you can charge your smartphone, tablet, or laptop on the go. The LED strip on the front of the trolley illuminates your travel companion, so you will always find it straight away at the airport and are visible to all road users in case of night-time traffic. With the 4 Eminent Silent Wheels, rotatable by 360°, unpleasant clatter, clicking, and whirring are no longer an issue.

Sizes (height)

trolley-series; polycarbonate; colours: aluminium, orange, silver/grey, graphite

ca. 3.4 kg
ca. 55 cm / ca. 22 inch
ca. 25 x 37 x 55 cm / ca. 10 x 15 x 22 inch

silver/grey, aluminium, Graphite, orange


Hand luggage matching IATA requirements, integrated power bank, digital scales, LED bar, recessed snap locks and additional edge protection


42 L




2 packing straps and 2 mesh dividers of which one is detachable with an integrated laptop compartment and additional zip pocket

4715670143372 / 4715670143402 / 4715670143389 / 4715670143396
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