About us

We are eminently committed to building reliable, secure and well-designed companions for people on the move.

Dick M. Hsieh, Chairman

Management Philosophy

Understanding client’s needs, flexibility and innovation, and taking the lead in concept, design, and technology are the core values of the brand.

We believe in sustainability. Both in our long-term customer relationships and the quality of our products: every Eminent product has a 3-year warranty and replaceable parts. Eminent products are made to last. Eminent – a reliable partner

Certified Quality

Our company is the first in the industry to have obtained the international ISO 9001: 2008 quality certificate. Responsibility and honor are tenets we adhere to; guaranteeing consistent quality and satisfying our customers’ needs are the two main goals we vigorously pursue. Hence we apply strict and thorough quality assurance and operating systems. From feedstock to manufacture, everything undergoes rigorous examination before shipment, with every step guided by EMINENT’s infinite diligence. In order to maintain the highest quality standards, all products must pass careful inspection before they leave the factory. Based on the spirit and the promise of pursuing the true, the good and the beautiful, we are constantly working a vast market and have thus created a brand loyalty of our customers towards EMINENT.

Our company’s products have repeatedly won the Excellence Award by the Ministry of Economic Affairs as well as the TAITRA Good Product Design Award. Other awards we have obtained are the Ministry of Economic Affairs’ National Top Ten Product Design Award, the Golden Pin Design Award as well as the Japanese Ministry of International Trade and Industry’s Excellence Award. We know that only original designs satisfy our clients’ sophisticated tastes. From the proposal of a creative idea to the graphic design and mold development, right up to mass production and shipment: throughout the process, EMINENT is one step ahead of its competitors.

Investing in the future

As part of our extensive investments in Taiwan, at present we are building a brand new green-energy, low-carbon industrial park. After completion we will have the most advanced production capacities in the market – a flagship of Taiwan’s innovative industry.
Two billion Taiwan dollars have been invested to construct an industrial park at EMINENT’s birthplace – Tainan City’s Guiren District. It will become the new operational headquarters for integrated product development, design, production, marketing, and customer services as well as the new factory for high quality and value-added products by the end of 2015.

Since the tremendous success of EMINENT’s first store (exclusively selling travel goods) in 2005 – the “EMINENT Travel Life Pavilion” in Tainan – we have opened numerous shops in various cities. All with the same standard operating procedures regarding merchandise, sales methods, logistics and customer services. And we keep on expanding, also with almost 40 franchised stores in Taiwan that are all connected to the Taiwan High Speed Rail, to satisfy the demand for our travel products.

As sustainable entrepreneurs we not only want to continue developing our own business but also deeply believe in our responsibility to give something back to society. Our employees are our driving force and a company can only maintain its superior level by having excellent talents. We continuously improve our skills by training the people that work with us and scouting for promising young talent from all over the world. This is our way of developing new technologies and surprising designs, and ensuring the consistently excellent quality of our luggage.